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Chairman's Comments - Posted January 15th 2020

Greetings -

With the arrival of 2020, it is only fitting that I present to you a 2020 Vision of my expectations for this year. 

The NUMBER 1 and most important priority will be the completion and activation of the Hospital Net UHF Link at Milaca. This project has taken far too long to complete, and every effort must be taken to get this done - SOON. By SOON, I mean in a matter of no more than a few more days.

Next is the completion of the Welia Hospital Radio Room Project. Contrary to the Hospital Link Project, the Welia Radio Room continues to evolve. The VHF/UHF Operating Station is now finished, and "on air" operations have started. We hope to have the room itself fully equipped by the time our HIPPA Training Meeting takes place in April. Antenna and Tower work awaits the arrival of warmer weather. 

 The other major project on my agenda is the conversion of MORA's mobile camper into an emergency communications unit. It is going to need some work - mainly on the inside - to remodel it into exactly what we want, but with a tight budget for this year we might not be able to do everything we want. We will be relying heavily on our talented members to help with the work, once we decide what to do. We can also help ourselves by salvaging what we can from the club "Paddy Wagon" that is - for all intents and purposes - no longer useful for any other reason.

We are starting the year with a January 23rd VE Exam Session, and a Technician Licensing Class is being planned for sometime between now and the end of March.

So, as you can see, there are goals. We see clearly that these goals are noble ones that can and must be achieved. With an extra bit of effort we can achieve these goals.


73 de KJ9W

Additional News

Camper & Repeater Link Top 2020 Budget Plans

During MORA's November Board Meeting, the Budget discussion was focused on the reality of a limited treasury, with the need to cut back on expenses wherever possible. However, two main items will be in the budget for the coming year. 

First will be the completion of the Hospital Link Project. Second will be converting the camper acquired in 2019 into a mobile emergency communications unit. 

"We must build up our reserves," Board Chairman KJ9W said. "If anything major happens, we could be in trouble." 


KØYR's [Another] New Tower Building Project 

Are you thinking about putting up a tower? Check this out!


Very Interesting Article on QRZ 

Are you one of those skeptics who believes radio communications is becoming obsolete? If so, you might change your mind after you read this article from the Reuters News Agency via QRZ.COM.


Motion Picture Sound Track by KCØYLF Released

Just in time for your Halloween playlist - iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Google Play will be releasing the sound track from the new motion picture BELOVED BEAST.

Composed by Sara Broshofske, KCØYLF, this is her first motion picture sound track release. It was released on October 25th 2018

From the creator of THE STILL SERIES and TALL MEN, Jonathan Holbrook’s newest movie premiered to a capacity crowd at a theater in Everett Washington on October 13th.  and is scheduled to be released in early 2019 by Lionsgate, a major Top 10 movie distributor.

This Holbrookian Horror movie is the story of a young girl who loses her parents in a car accident and is forced to live with her crazy aunt. The girl soon makes friends with an escaped mental patient and hides him in her home.

Composer Sara Broshofske has been a licensed Technician Class Amateur since 2007, and a member of the Mora Open Repeater Association since its reorganization in 2008. A graduate of Ogilvie High School in 2008, she went on to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Science from the University of Wisconsin – Superior, and her Master’s Degree in Music Composition for the Screen from Columbia College in Chicago. She is currently based in Los Angeles. 



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Written by KDØCI, [now KJ9W], this article provides a brief description in the simplest way possible what our hobby is all about.
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