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Chairman's Comments - Posted January 7th 2019

"Will this be the year that we finally close the book on the Hospital and Skywarn Links?"  Greetings -

With the arrival of a New Year, one immediately thinks of resolutions. Many are usually made, but few are seldom kept. In fact, I heard somewhere that most resolutions made never make it past the third week in January!

After over ten years of plans made and setbacks endured, I really think it's about time to seal the deal on the Hospital Link Project. We've been planning and/or working on this far too long as it is, and while we remain very close to installing equipment at the Milaca link site, we just can't seem to get past that elusive final programming stage.

Ranking in equal importance is the unfinished Skywarn Link.

I'm hopeful, at least at this point, that an arrangement is being worked out with DSC in Duluth to provide programming support where needed. Once that is done, we can install the equipment at Milaca for the Hospital Link. Once that is accomplished, we can set up and run tests between Ogilvie and St Cloud, and work our way through whatever remaining bugs there might be.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service in Duluth continues to anticipate the launch of the Ogilvie to Duxbury Skywarn Link. Knowing that the annual Northland Skywarn Meeting usually takes place in March, it would be nice to inform that group that this important link will be ready in time for the 2019 Severe Weather Season.

So the big question is: Will this be the year that we finally close the book on the Hospital and Skywarn Links? 

It sure would be nice to put both of these projects into the category of "Resolutions Kept" in 2019! 


73 de KJ9W

Additional News

Motion Picture Sound Track by KCØYLF Released October 25th

Just in time for your Halloween playlist - iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Google Play will be releasing the sound track from the new motion picture BELOVED BEAST.

Composed by Sara Broshofske, KCØYLF, this is her first motion picture sound track release. It was released on October 25th.

From the creator of THE STILL SERIES and TALL MEN, Jonathan Holbrook’s newest movie premiered to a capacity crowd at a theater in Everett Washington on October 13th.  and is scheduled to be released in early 2019 by Lionsgate, a major Top 10 movie distributor.

This Holbrookian Horror movie is the story of a young girl who loses her parents in a car accident and is forced to live with her crazy aunt. The girl soon makes friends with an escaped mental patient and hides him in her home.

Composer Sara Broshofske has been a licensed Technician Class Amateur since 2007, and a member of the Mora Open Repeater Association since its reorganization in 2008. A graduate of Ogilvie High School in 2008, she went on to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Science from the University of Wisconsin – Superior, and her Master’s Degree in Music Composition for the Screen from Columbia College in Chicago. She is currently based in Los Angeles. 



KØYR's [Another] New Tower Building Project 

Are you thinking about putting up a tower? Check this out!


Very Interesting Article on QRZ 

Are you one of those skeptics who believes radio communications is becoming obsolete? If so, you might change your mind after you read this article from the Reuters News Agency via QRZ.COM.



Ogilvie Minnesota

Kanabec County's Open and Friendly Repeater

147.240 MHz - PL 146.2 Hz


Supported by:

The Mora Open Repeater Association

Hosted by:

The Minnesota Department of Transportation

Sponsored by:

Kanabec County Emergency Management

Custodian & Call Sign Trustee:

Kenny Broshofske, KJ9W

Repeater Engineer:

Jerry Whitaker, WBØOFB

Lena Lake UHF Link:

Kanabec County Skywarn Net to Duluth [Under Construction]

Milaca UHF Link:

Central Minnesota Regional Hospital Net to St Cloud [Under Construction]

LATEST NEWS: As of October 21st 2018



Simulated Testing of the Ogilvie to Milaca leg of the East Central Minnesota Hospital Net Link will continue until at least the end of this year - unless the project is completed. Recent testing to determine the outcome of recent repeater maintenance has been marginally successful.

During routine maintenance on Thursday May 10th, the Outboard Receive Pre-Amplifier Module in the Ogilvie Repeater was removed in order to determine the source of additional "noise" from weak and distant signals. Since late this past winter, this noise" has been showing up on marginal signals trying to access the repeater. The Pre-Amp was suspected as being a possible source of the noise, and indeed it was found to be the problem. Since it was removed, weak and distant signals have been much clearer. The only thing that is yet to be completely determined is whether or not far distant signals such as those in Chisago and Pine County Hospitals can still access the repeater.

With the Fairview Hospital in Wyoming Minnesota having successfully accessed the Ogilvie repeater during the Simulated Linking Test on Wednesday October 3rd, the conclusion was made that the Pre-Amp will not be replaced. 


At 11:30 AM on Thursday August 21st 2008, after a year and a half of planning, the Kanabec County Amateur Radio VHF Repeater came on line at the old [and since demolished] County Radio Tower located 4 miles north of Ogilvie Minnesota along Highway 47. 

The original plans included a Skywarn Link to Duluth and a Hospital Net Link into St Cloud, and until recently lack of resources put those plans on hold. Currently, the Skywarn Net UHF Link at Lena Lake in Pine County and the Central Minnesota Regional Hospital Net UHF Link at Milaca are under construction.

When repeater operations began, Kenny Broshofske was asked to act as Custodian. As a result, the repeater was assigned his call sign - which at that time was KDØCI.

During May of 2013, the repeater was relocated to a new and improved site 5 miles north of Ogilvie, resulting in improved coverage across Kanabec and surrounding counties.

On August 22nd 2013, the call sign of the repeater was changed to KJ9W to correspond with Broshofske's own call sign change. This change was considered to be temporary until the Mora Open Repeater Association could acquire its own call sign. 

On August 6th 2015, the KDØCI call sign became available for assignment as a Vanity Call in the Federal Communications Commission's database. On October 10th, the Mora Open Repeater Association filed an application to acquire KDØCI as its club call sign, and on October 23rd, the FCC officially approved the application.

On January 14th 2016, the KDØCI call sign once again became the ID for the repeater under MORA sponsorship, with Broshofske continuing to serve as Repeater Custodian and Call Sign Trustee.

The primary purpose of the repeater is to provide emergency backup communications for Kanabec County, facilitate Skywarn Spotter activity across the repeater coverage area, and enable general communications for radio amateurs.

During normal propagation conditions, mobile coverage is very good for up to 35 miles from the repeater site in all directions, while basic home station access is considered reliable from as far away as Aitkin and McGregor to the north, Danbury and Siren Wisconsin to the east, the northern suburbs of the Twin City Metro area to the south, and St Cloud and Little Falls to the west.

The repeater is shielded to the southeast to protect the 147.240 repeater near Eau Claire Wisconsin.


KDØCI Repeater Coverage Map - Courtesy of RepeaterBook


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KDØCI - Ogilvie 147.240 MHz - PL 146.2 Hz 




KEØACL - Duxbury

146.910 MHz - PL 146.2 Hz




NØGOI - Foreston

146.745 MHz - PL 107.2 Hz



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Written by KDØCI, [now KJ9W], this article provides a brief description in the simplest way possible what our hobby is all about.
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