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Chairman's Comments - Posted January 20th 2018

Greetings -

The appointment of Marc Johnson, KDØTCR, to be the new Coordinator for Kanabec County Skywarn should not come as a surprise to anyone. After all, it has been in the works for some time.

Ever since his appointment last March as Assistant Coordinator, the long term plan has been for him to eventually become Coordinator. It was also part of my overall plan to shed some of the responsibilities I've been carrying since 2007.

My plan is to remain active in Kanabec County Skywarn, and to provide Marc with any support he may need, and I hope all spotters will join me in supporting Marc as he assumes his new role.

Considering where we were in terms of Skywarn coverage in Kanabec County back in 2007, we've come a long ways. Unfortunately, one goal I failed to achieve as Coordinator was to establish fixed station coverage county-wide. While we do have some mobile units who are ready, willing, and able to venture out during severe storms, I'd much prefer we had a few more strategically placed fixed amateur stations, especially in those areas of most need. Northeastern Kanabec County and most of Pine County are two key areas that remain uncovered - except for those mobile units willing to do so.

We also have not been able to establish the long awaited Skywarn Link between Ogilvie and Duxbury. The UHF Hospital Net Link between Ogilvie and Collegeville at Milaca keeps getting in the way of any progress to be made on that project, but I remain hopeful that the Skywarn link for Duluth will become a reality soon.

In the meantime, let's continue to build on what we have. Under Marc's leadership, I see nothing but good things ahead.


73 de KJ9W

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