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 Local Weather Information for Kanabec, Mille Lacs, & Pine Counties 

 Weather Advisories and Alerts 

There are no Advisories or Alerts for our area at this time.

 Spotter Activation Statement 

Skywarn Spotter Activation will not be needed.

 General Weather Synopsis 

Showers and cooler this week. 

If you like summer weather, you better get out and enjoy Sunday's offering of unseasonable warmth. The rest of the week will bring a cooling trend which by the weekend will have a definate fall feeling to it. Showers and thunderstorms are in the forecast from Monday thru Saturday, along with a surge of Canadian air as a cold front moves thru. Temperatures on Sunday afternoon will top out in the mid 80's, but will drop during the week. By Saturday, highs will be in the 60's with lows in the lower 40's.

Looking Ahead: The chance for our first frost appears possible by early next week.


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Minnesota                                Wisconsin


LATEST NEWS: Updated July 16th 2018

New Kanabec Skywarn Website Coming Soon

Kanabec County Skywarn will soon have its very own "stand alone" website - and a new name. The new name for the organization will be Kanabec Area Skywarn - a better description of the area it serves, which includes areas surrounding Kanabec County. The website, engineered by Jason Becht, KEØBMA, of Ogilvie, will be known as kanabecskywarn.org.

Although a date for release of the new site has not yet been announced, the change has been approved by MORA and Kanabec County Skywarn Coordinator Marc Johnson, KDØTCR. The new site will have several advanced features that the current site cannot provide.

Skywarn having it's own website will enable MORA to reconfigure its current Skywarn page. Plans include the return of an exclusive Repeater page, with a link to the new Skywarn site. 



 KDØCI Repeater - 147.240 MHz, PL 146.2 Hz - Ogilvie 

 Linking soon to KEØACL Repeater - 146.910 MHz, PL 146.2 Hz - Duxbury 

 Alternate Frequency - 146.565 MHz Simplex 

The Kanabec County Skywarn Net is activated whenever the threat of severe weather appears imminent. We act on our own, and we have been known to activate even before being advised to do so by the National Weather Service!

The net is accessable to the public through any radio or scanner capable of VHF frequency reception.

Supporting Skywarn Repeaters include:


NØGOI Repeater - 146.745 MHz - Foreston

[Note: Currently off the air. Please defer to KDØCI Repeater]


KEØACL Repeater - 146.910 MHz - Duxbury


 NWS Skywarn Seminar Schedule 

There are no Skywarn Seminars scheduled for our area.

Check the National Weather Service Office website links at the bottom of this page for information on scheduled seminars elsewhere.



 Whenever Severe Weather Threatens East Central Minnesota 


Supported By:

Mora Open Repeater Association


Marc Johnson, KDØTCR


Primary - Kanabec County

Secondary - Mille Lacs & Pine Counties

Contact Information:

Email: skywarn@morahamradio.com

 Aware - Alert - Available 

Kanabec County Skywarn was created to serve the public during severe weather. Our slogan above was introduced during a Mora Open Repeater Association Skywarn Net Training Session on March 17th 2016, and defines our commitment as follows:

 Aware  - Severe weather forecasts make us aware that severe weather could develop.

 Alert  - We are alert to forecast updates, and changing weather conditions.

 Available  - We make ourselves available when severe weather threatens.


A small group of Skywarn Spotters in Kanabec and Mille Lacs Counties began to form in 2007.  In 2008 this group of Spotters were organized and named the Ogilvie Amateur Radio Skywarn Group [aka: OARS] as an affiliated extension service of the Mora Open Repeater Association. As time went on, the group grew and operations expanded into a three county service area in East Central Minnesota: Kanabec, Mille Lacs, and Pine.

Early in 2015, OARS was reorganized into three new autonomous Skywarn groups, identified as follows:

The core group was renamed KANABEC COUNTY SKYWARN, and remained an operational affiliate of the Mora Open Repeater Association. It continued to provide primary coverage in Kanabec County, and supported operations in neighboring Mille Lacs and Pine Counties. The group reported to the Minneapolis [Chanhassen] and Duluth National Weather Service offices.

Kanabec County Skywarn also served as the primary relay of Severe Weather Forecast information received from the National Weather Service to neighboring Skywarn groups and other interested parties across Eastern Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin.

With the establishment of a new two meter repeater at Duxbury, in neighboring Pine County, Kanabec County Skywarn continued to provide limited coverage support for the new PINE COUNTY SKYWARN, and reported severe weather activity affecting that area to the Duluth office of the National Weather Service. A repeater link from Ogilvie to Duxbury was planned.

The completion of a newly re-engineered and relocated two meter repeater at Foreston, in neighboring Mille Lacs County, resulted in the creation of the new MILLE LACS COUNTY SKYWARN.

With the release of its new "stand alone" website in August 2018, Kanabec County Skywarn improved its identity by renaming itself KANABEC AREA SKYWARN. This was done in order to more accurately describe its coverage area which extends beyond the borders of Kanabec County. The organization remained affiliated with the Mora Open Repeater Association, and its affiliation with the autonomous groups in Mille Lacs and Pine Counties remained unchanged.

The new website was named kanabecskywarn.org and featured several major improvements over its old webpage inside MORA's website.

For now, with spotter resources currently slim in all three counties, the three organizations will continue to work together by establishing liaison communications with each other during severe weather activity.



For Repeater Information, go to our News & Information page.


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