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Kanabec County 

Official Kanabec County Website

Mora Minnesota

Official Website of the City of Mora

Mora Area Chamber of Commerce

Official Business Website

Mora Public Schools

Official Website

Ogilvie Public Schools

Official Website



KCIZ Radio

Brunswick [Mora] Minnesota - 103.5 FM

KBEK Radio

Mora [Braham] Minnesota - 95.5 FM

WCMP Radio

Pine City Minnesota - 1350 AM  100.9 FM

Be sure to thank these broadcasters for supporting Amateur Radio!



Sara Broshofske's On-Line Music Page

With a Bachelor's Degree in Music Science from the University of Wisconsin - Superior, and a Masters Degree in Music Composition from Columbia College - Chicago, MORA member Sara Broshofske, KCØYLF, has her own music website at, with a further link from there to her music composition site on "Sound Cloud".
Sanctuary Minnesota

Tiny House Village and Event Center. A unique place in our area to enjoy some peaceful solitude!
Freddie's Restaurant

The choice venue for MORA's Saturday Breakfast Meetings and Annual Christmas Party. Stop in and enjoy their hospitality and fine assorted menu, and be sure to thank Mark and Sue for their support of Amateur Radio!


Amateur Radio Websites



The American Radio Relay League

The American Legion Amateur Radio Club




Arrowhead Radio Amateur Club

Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club

Burnett-Washburn Radio Association

East Central Minnesota Amateur Radio Club

Magic Repeater Group

St Cloud Amateur Radio Club

Broadcast Nostalgia & Museum Websites


WCCO Radio - Minneapolis 

Go back to the days when "the Good Neighbor to the Northwest" was a truly great radio station! This interesting site is maintained by Rick Burnett, W6CCO, and includes the following contributions by Kenny Broshofske, KJ9W:

1. A copy of a 1966 WCCO Radio Promotional Circular, with KJ9W's story about his visit at the station.

2. A recorded [but edited] air-check of the final broadcast of "Hobbs House" in March 1981, along with KJ9W's personal thoughts about nighttime radio then and now. [KJ9W still has the original unedited recording of the final Hobbs House program on WCCO Radio].

WABC Radio - New York

Go back to this legendary station's "Top 40" music days, including air checks of the great Dan Ingram and "Cousin Bruce" Morrow.

WDGY Radio - Minneapolis

Another page from Rick Burnett's website goes back to "Wonderful WeeGee's" all-American days as one of the original and premier "Top 40" radio stations in the nation.

WGN Radio - Chicago

A great site full of broadcast memories from its treasured past - when it was truly the "radio home of millions" in the Midwest.  

WLS Radio - Chicago

Historic account of one of America's great radio stations, including it's heyday as the Midwest's most popular "Top 40" music station.

KNXR Radio Rochester

Legendary easy listening station KNXR in Rochester Minnesota ceased on-air operations in January 2015 after broadcasting for 50 years at 97.5 FM. Now, it is back....well, sort of anyway. Those of you who enjoy easy listening music can click on the yellow highlighted call sign for 97Five - the internet streaming replacement for the original KNXR Radio. Features in the stream are original "John Doremus Show" and "Music In The Night" broadcasts.

WISN-FM [via Spotify]  - Milwaukee

A website containing KJ9W's recreation of 93.7 WISN-FM Milwaukee Wisconsin, a radio station that dropped its easy listening format and call sign in December 1977. Once you've accessed the Spotify website you'll have to search for that playlist, but it is there! If you enjoy traditional easy listening music, become a "follower" by saving it. KJ9W's hand picked playlist for his recreation of WISN-FM is the best selection of easy listening music on the planet - bar none. Subscribing to Spotify gets you the music commercial free.

History of Telecommunications 

A website worthy of study by new students. It breaks down the development of communications methods throughout history - from the earliest times to the present.

National Radio Hall of Fame 

Located in Chicago. A shrine to America's greatest broadcasting personalities. 

Pavek Museum of Broadcasting 

Located in the Minneapolis suburb of St Louis Park, this museum is a treasure chest of radio memorabilia, and a "Hall of Fame" of the Upper Midwest's most beloved radio and television personalities!

Wisconsin Museum of Broadcasting

A virtual online site dedicated to the history of radio and television in the Badger State, including a "Hall of Fame" of Wisconsin's broadcasting personalities.


Hobby Related Websites


Barcode Discount - Scanners 

This site was recommended by a student in Delaware who was working on a class project to "revamp" their website. Take time to check out this link.

Basic Electronics 

A link to several interesting articles about electronics - many of them about the basics, perfect for beginners - recommended by a young home schooled student in Oregon. 

Building Batteries

An article describing the basics of a simple homemade battery, another great article for beginners with links to other articles about batteries. This site was recommended by a young student in Washington DC. 

Car Radio History 

An interesting article referred to me by a high school car club called "Teen Car Talk", a great site for young people.

Circuit Specialists 

Yuma Arizona. Specializes in the sale of do-it-yourself tools, parts, and test equipment for the electronics hobbyist. 

Diamond Antenna

San Marcos, California. Specialists in antenna design, production and sales.

Fox-Tango Club

The Yaesu "Fan Club" website. Be sure to scroll down the "Link" page to check out the most awesome HF Rig ever built - but never produced....The Yaesu FT-101TT!

Radio Locator

This site provides information about your favorite radio station. Just enter the station call sign, or city or zip code location, and you get technical information including transmitter power, coverage map, website, and more.

Upper Midwest Broadcasting 

A post by Jon Ellis containing up to date news about what is happening in the broadcasting industry.

Yaesu Amateur Radio

You just had to know this link would be coming!

Yaesu-Musen Museum

A history of all the great Yaesu rigs!

Zip Scanners

Another resource for scanner information and other comprehensive information.

Alternative Hobby Websites


Model Railroads  

A premium site for Model Railroad Enthusiasts!

Classic Chevy's  

A direct link to the 1957 Chevrolet page and the entire model line - including information about the "Black Widow" model. From there, you'll find links to other classic Chevrolet webpages, including the 1955, 1956, and 1958 models.

New Horizons Mission  

Follow the "New Horizons" spacecraft in its historic journey to the planet Pluto and into regions far beyond the known Solar System!


Learn about your genealogy.

Faith Websites


St Kathryn's [Ogilvie] & St Mary's [Mora] Catholic Church  

Website of our local Catholic parishes.

The Vatican  

Website of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

TV Mass from the Diocese of St Cloud Minnesota  

Couldn't make it to Mass this past weekend, or do you want to hear the message again? This link takes you to replays of recently recorded TV Masses.

Trinity Lutheran Church  

Website of an ELCA Church in Milaca.

Mora-Ogilvie United Methodist Church  

Website of the Methodist congregations of Mora and Ogilvie.

Lewis Lake Covenant Church  

Website of a very active and welcoming Protestant congregation.

Jewish Temples & Synagogues  

A list of Jewish congregations within reasonable driving distance of Mora.

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