KDØCI Repeater - Ogilvie 

147.240 MHz - PL Tone 146.2 Hz

Kanabec County's Open & Friendly Repeater


Supported by:

The Mora Open Repeater Association

Hosted by:

The Minnesota Department of Transportation

Sponsored by:

Kanabec County Emergency Management

Custodian & Call Sign Trustee:

Kenny Broshofske, KJ9W

Repeater Engineer:

Jerry Whitaker, WBØOFB

Lena Lake UHF Link:

Kanabec County Skywarn Net to Duluth [Under Construction]

Milaca UHF Link:

Central Minnesota Regional Hospital Net to St Cloud [Under Construction]

LATEST NEWS: As of December 30th 2017

Simulated Testing of the Ogilvie to Milaca leg of the East Central Minnesota Hospital Net Link will soon be replaced with actual link testing! Activation of the new equipment is getting closer after several setbacks caused one postponement after another. Another setback during this past November caused the project to undergo several equipment changes.

Mark Smith, a senior engineer at DSC Communications in Superior Wisconsin and was familiar with programming older Motorola equipment such as what was to be used at the link site, died while hunting in Northern Minnesota. Without an expert programmer, it appeared that the use of this equipment would be rendered virtually useless. As a result, an alternative equipment plan was developed and is in the process of being implemented by MORA's Repeater System Engineer Jerry Whitaker, WBØOFB.

The Milaca Hospital Link Site was recently inspected by Whitaker and Repeater Custodian Kenny Broshofske, KJ9W, to catalog items remaining to be gathered to finish infrastructure and electrical connections.

Once the Milaca Link Site is completed and operational, construction of the Ogilvie to Duxbury Lena Lake Skywarn Link will resume. When completed, the Skywarn link will be activated not only during severe weather, but also during the Tuesday Evening EMESNET.

Stay tuned for further developments on these important links.


At 11:30 AM on Thursday August 21st 2008, after a year and a half of planning, the Kanabec County Amateur Radio VHF Repeater came on line from the old [and since demolished] County Radio Tower located 4 miles north of Ogilvie Minnesota. 

The original plans included a Skywarn Link to Duluth and a Hospital Net Link into St Cloud, and until recently lack of resources put those plans on hold. Currently, the Skywarn Net UHF Link at Lena Lake in Pine County and the Central Minnesota Regional Hospital Net UHF Link at Milaca are under construction.

When repeater operations began, Kenny Broshofske was asked to act as Custodian. As a result, the repeater was assigned his call sign - which at that time was KDØCI.

In May 2013, the repeater was relocated to a new and improved site.

On August 22nd 2013, the call sign of the repeater was changed to KJ9W to correspond with Broshofske's own call sign change. This change was considered to be temporary until the Mora Open Repeater Association could acquire its own call sign. 

On August 6th 2015, the KDØCI call sign became available for assignment as a Vanity Call in the Federal Communications Commission's database. On October 10th, the Mora Open Repeater Association filed an application to acquire KDØCI as its club call sign, and on October 23rd, the FCC officially approved the application.

On January 14th 2016, the KDØCI call sign once again became the ID for the repeater under M.O.R.A. sponsorship, with Broshofske continuing to serve as Repeater Custodian and Vanity Call Sign Trustee.

The primary purpose of the repeater is to provide emergency backup communications for Kanabec County, facilitate Skywarn Spotter activity across the repeater coverage area, and enable general communications for radio amateurs.

During normal propagation conditions, mobile coverage is very good up to 35 miles from the repeater site in all directions, while basic home station access is considered reliable from as far away as Aitkin and McGregor to the north, Danbury and Siren Wisconsin to the east, northern portions of the Twin City Metro area to the south, and St Cloud and Little Falls to the west.

The repeater is shielded to the southeast to protect the 147.240 repeater near Eau Claire Wisconsin.

KDØCI Repeater Coverage Map Courtesy of RepeaterBook



Supported By:

Mora Open Repeater Association


Marc Johnson, KDØTCR


Kanabec County Skywarn was created to serve the public during severe weather. The slogan shown below was presented during a Mora Open Repeater Association Skywarn Training Session on March 17th 2016, and outlines the objectives of our commitment as follows:


AWARE - Severe weather forecasts make us aware that severe weather could develop.

ALERT - We are alert to the forecast updates, and changing weather conditions.

AVAILABLE - We make ourselves available when severe weather threatens.

LATEST NEWS: As of January 19th 2018

Marc Johnson, KDØTCR, has been appointed as the new Coordinator of Kanabec County Skywarn. This appointment follows his having served as Assistant Coordinator for the past year. Johnson succeeds Kenny Broshofske, KJ9W, who stepped aside after meeting with Johnson on January 18th. Broshofske has served as Coordinator since the group was first organized in 2007.

Johnson, a resident of Mora, has been a member of Kanabec County Skywarn for several years, serving as a Skywarn Spotter and as a Net Control station. He also has a thorough knowledge of many tools provided by various weather dedicated technologies.

While details of the appointment remain to be worked out, Broshofske indicated that he will continue an active role, providing backup support for Johnson including as Net Control when necessary.

Kanabec County Skywarn provides primary coverage for Kanabec County and secondary coverage for Pine and Mille Lacs Counties in East Central Minnesota.



From 2007 through 2014, the Ogilvie Amateur Radio Skywarn Group - [aka: OARS] served three counties in East Central Minnesota: Kanabec, Mille Lacs, and Pine. Early in 2015, OARS was reorganized into three new Skywarn groups, as follows:

The OARS Group was renamed KANABEC COUNTY SKYWARN. This group is an operational affiliate of the Mora Open Repeater Association, and continues to provide primary coverage in Kanabec County. The group reports to both the Minneapolis [Chanhassen] and Duluth National Weather Service offices. Kanabec County Skywarn also serves as the primary relay of Severe Weather Forecast information received from the National Weather Service to neighboring Skywarn groups and other interested parties across Eastern Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin.

With the establishment of a new two meter repeater at Duxbury, in neighboring Pine County, Kanabec County Skywarn continues to provide limited coverage support for the new PINE COUNTY SKYWARN, and will report severe weather activity to the Duluth office of the National Weather Service via the Ogilvie to Duxbury repeater link.

The completion of a newly re-engineered and relocated two meter repeater at Foreston, in neighboring Mille Lacs County, resulted in the creation of the new MILLE LACS COUNTY SKYWARN.

For now, with spotter resources currently slim in all three counties, the three groups continue to work together by establishing liaison communications with each other during severe weather activity.


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