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Meet Our Team -

The MORA Board of Directors

Ken Broshofske - KJ9W

Board Chairman

KJ9W has been directly involved with MORA since it reactivated in March 2008, and has served as Chairman of MORA's Board of Directors since the governing structure of the organization changed in 2014. 

A ham since 1980, Ken has been an Amateur Extra Class licensee since 2010, and has held the KJ9W call sign since 2013. His interests in Ham Radio are wide-ranging, but over the years he has been primarily involved in Public Service. 

Jerry Whitaker - WBØOFB


WBØOFB brings a strong electronics background to MORA. He has been primarily responsible for the building, installation, and maintenance of the KDØCI Repeater.

A ham since 1974, Jerry holds an Amateur Extra Class license, and has been a member of MORA since 2008. He is a member of the Board of Directors and has been Vice-Director since 2014.

David Carter -        NØRTY


NØRTY has served as MORA's Secretary since 2013. A member since 2012, he brings a high level of technical expertise in the computer and digital fields.

David has served on the Board since 2014. He is an Amateur Extra Class licensee, and is the Team Leader of MORA's Volunteer Examiners.

Eugene Sheggrud - KDØBUO

Finance Officer

KDØBUO has been a member of MORA since the club reactivated in March 2008. He was elected Finance Officer at that time, which makes him our longest continuously serving elected officer.

Gene has served on the Board of Directors since 2014. He is a General Class licensee, and is active on HF and 2 meters.

Dave Lane -          KBØRFY

Board Member At Large

KBØRFY is the newest member of the MORA Board of Directors, elected to an "At Large" seat in November 2019.

Dave has been an active member of MORA, and a "go to" guy whenever help is needed. 

Dave holds a General Class license and is active on the HF Bands.

MORA Membership Roster - [As of April 29th 2020]:

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MORA 2020 Membership Roster.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [270.6 KB]

MORA Committee and Group Assignments - [Update Pending]:

MORA Committee Roster.pdf
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The MORA Silent Key Memorial

The Mora Open Repeater Association honors our Silent Key Members

Joan Fluegge - KDØBUT

In November 2007, Joan Fluegge was so happy and excited about passing her Technician Class License exam, she immediately suggested starting a Ham Radio Club in the Mora area. By March 2008, her idea became a reality as the Mora Open Repeater Association reactivated. We honor Joan's memory by fondly recalling her warm and charming personality - and her enthusiasm for Amateur Radio.

 †  Father James Cashman - KCØEQE  

Father Jim had a lifetime interest in electronics. Unfortunately he didn't find his way into Ham Radio until late in his life. Once he did so, he quickly became an Extra Class licensee. He established his mark among us with an enthusiastic dedication to the hobby, and his faithful participation on the Tuesday Evening Net.


About MORA

The Mora Open Repeater Association Incorporated [aka: MORA], is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit Amateur Radio organization based in Mora Minnesota.

Our association is dedicated to the growth of Amateur Radio in Kanabec and surrounding counties of East Central Minnesota. We invite all interested radio hobbyists in the area to join us in that effort.

MORA is a public service oriented organization. We support our two meter repeater at Ogilvie, Kanabec County Skywarn, the Tuesday Evening MORANET, and the Central Minnesota Regional Hospital Net. We also support each other by sponsoring Amateur Radio Licensing Classes, VE Testing Sessions, and Skywarn Training Seminars. We provide assistance to all Amateurs in our area that request or need help.

This website - and our official newsletter - The MORAnnouncer - keep radio hobbyists in our area in general, and MORA members in particular, informed on the latest radio related news and information.

Kanabec County Skywarn is a major operational affiliate of MORA, and provides information to the public during severe weather.
Yearly activity schedules are posted in PDF Format on our website every October, and are updated whenever necessary. 

MORA activities include the MORA Chili Cookoff in January, ARRL Field Day in June, and the "Great KDØCI Cookout" in September! We occasionally have extra curricular activities such as workshops and exhibits. Our biggest social event of the year is the MORA Christmas Party & Awards Banquet in December.

Above: A magnetic sign used by MORA identified vehicles involved in the Vasaloppet Cross-Country Ski Races. Note the old "19/79" frequency pair used back in those days.


MORA was originally formed by branching out from the East Central Minnesota Amateur Radio Club [ECMARC] sometime during the mid to late 1970's. Records of ECMARC meetings thru 1974 were obtained from MORA Historian Vern Kaufert, WØFFX, however records regarding the formation of MORA have not been found.

The main activities of the original MORA was to maintain their 146.790 repeater which was located in Mora, and to provide communications support for the annual Vasaloppet Cross Country Ski Race.

Over the next few years, older members either passed away, moved elsewhere, or became inactive. Eventually, the "79" repeater shut down, the repeater allocation was lost, and by the early 1990's MORA had become inactive.

Then in 2007, a new group of licensed hams emerged in the Mora area. Among them was Joan Fluegge, KDØBUT, who expressed an interest in forming an amateur radio club. Along with the few hams that remained from the original group, together they turned instead toward the idea of resurrecting MORA.

On the evening of Thursday March 13th 2008, the new group met at the old Bowe's Resort at Knife Lake north of Mora, and formally reactivated the association.

Today, MORA enjoys an active presence in Kanabec County and surrounding area.


Reactivated - March 13th 2008

Incorporated by the state of Minnesota - July 27th 2015

501(c)3 Tax Exempt - March 28th 2016 [retroactive to July 27th 2015]

ARRL Affiliated - January 25th 2016


MORA Presidents: [since reorganization in 2008]

Charles "Chuck" Turner - KAØEVR  [2008 to 2010]

Joe Heggernes - KDØHLL  [2010 to 2011]

Carolyn Turner - KAØEXL  [2011 to 2014]

Kenneth Broshofske - KJ9W [Defacto as Board Chairman, 2014 to Present]


Join Us:

Annual Membership Options Are:

Full Membership Dues with voting priviledges continues to be set at $20.

Associate Membership Dues [non-voting] remains at $10. 

Free Membership for one year is available for anyone who passes a Technician Class License Exam with our VE Examiners.

Life Membership:

An option that is awarded by the Board of Directors based on meritorious or exceptional service to the organization.

For more information on how to join MORA, contact our Finance Officer Gene Sheggrud, KDØBUO, via email:

MORA Membership Application Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [286.3 KB]

Donating To MORA

The Mora Open Repeater Association [aka: MORA] is a Tax Exempt and Registered 501.c.3 Non-profit Amateur Radio Organization. If you'd like to donate to our General Fund, please contact our Treasurer, Eugene Sheggrud, KDØBUO, for details.

Your tax deductable donations support our repeater and other club services. We accept cash, checks, or money orders only. 


Contact Us

Mora Open Repeater Association
719 Fair Oaks Drive
Mora, Minnesota 55051

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KDØCI - Ogilvie 147.240 MHz - PL 146.2 Hz 




KEØACL - Duxbury

146.910 MHz - PL 146.2 Hz




NØGOI - Foreston

146.745 MHz - PL 107.2 Hz



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Written by KDØCI, [now KJ9W], this article provides a brief description in the simplest way possible what our hobby is all about.
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