MORA Meetings

Business Meetings: Conducted exclusively by MORA's Board of Directors. Members are encouraged to attend, especially if they have an issue to bring to the attention of the Board.

General Meetings: Opportunites for the membership to engage in social, training, or other miscellaneous activities.


Schedule of Activities: Posted on the Home Page.


MORA Board Meetings: Business meetings open to all paid members.

Thursday Pot Luck Meetings: Open to all paid members and invited guests.

Saturday Breakfast Meetings: Open to the public.

Field Day & Special Event Activities: Open to the public.

MORA Meeting Locations

MORA Headquarters: 

719 Fair Oaks Drive, in Mora

Freddie's Restaurant [Banquet Room]: 

Highways 23 & 65, next to GM dealership, in Mora.

[Note - Breakfast Meetings are held in the "Banquet Room" and breakfast can be ordered from the menu].

Kanabec County Family Services Center [Meeting Room]: 

905 East Forest Avenue [Highway 23 East], in Mora.

Welia Hospital [Radio Room or Communications Center]: 

Highway 23/65 in Mora.

MORA Annual Chili Cookoff

So you think you can cook up a mean pot of chili? Well, why not put your recipe to the test during MORA's Annual Chili Cookoff!

MORA's Annual Chili Cookoff takes place in January - right in the middle of winter when a good bowl of chili goes best. The Cookoff pits MORA's best chili recipes against each other to see who can cook up the best batch. Each recipe is sampled, then voted on by those in attendance.

MORA Christmas Party & Awards Banquet

The biggest social event of the year, the MORA Christmas Party & Awards Banquet is usually held on the second Saturday in December at a major venue in the Mora area.

In recent years, the event has been held exclusively in the Banquet Room at Freddie's Restaurant. The party begins with Social Time, followed by a delicious buffet meal, and ends with an Awards Ceremony that recognizes member accomplishments during the past year.


MORA On The Air

ARRL Field Day

The Mora Open Repeater Association is a regular participant in Amateur Radio's biggest on-air operating event of the year - Field Day.

This event is sponsored by the American Radio Relay League and always takes place during the last full weekend in June.

While many Ham Radio clubs treat Field Day like a contest, MORA has always emphasized the public service and training aspects of this event, and by making this special weekend activity as enjoyable as possible is top priority.

Besides the all important Field Day on-air operations, we hold training seminars, tours for visitors, and we have a pot luck picnic on Saturday afternoon.

MORA's Field Day is always presented at an accessable public venue to allow visitors to see and learn first hand about Ham Radio field operations.

Field Day 2020 - Updated August 25th 2020

It was a bit different this year, nevertheless MORA participated in ARRL Field Day 2020, with participating members operating on their own due to the COVID19 Pandemic. 

The final official results can be found in the December 2020 edition of QST.



MORA Field Day Results.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [455.6 KB]

Check out our 2016 Field Day pics herePhotos courtesy of Tom Rieff, KØYR

Check out our 2019 Field Day pics on our Facebook page.


The Minnesota QSO Party

The Minnesota QSO Party is an annual on-air operating event sponsored by the Minnesota Wireless Association, and always takes place on the first Saturday in February.


Sideband On Two - 144.240 MHz

There is more to two meters than FM and repeaters, and the Mora Open Repeater Association is doing something about it by launching Two Meter Sideband Evening Roundtables on [or near] 144.240 MHz [USB]. That frequency should be easy to remember, since it is exactly three MHz down from our repeater frequency.

If you have a two meter radio with sideband capability, then join us for some good old fashioned relaxing roundtable style ragchewing, just like the ones down on the HF bands! There is no net control, and anyone can start the session. Just simply announce your call sign on the air and listen for an answer.

For the time being, Sideband On Two Evening Roundtable sessions have been scheduled only on the second Tuesday Evening of the month immediately following MORANET. Depending on how this experiment goes we could schedule more sessions, or perhaps add CW practice at some point!


MORANET - 147.240 MHz & 146.565 MHz

For information about our Tuesday Evening Repeater & Simplex Nets, click here.


Kanabec Area Skywarn Net - 147.240 MHz

For information about our Skywarn Net, go to the Repeaters & Links page.


Join the MORA

Blue Light Campaign

 Show your support for those who are helping in the fight against COVID19.  Turn on a Blue Light at your QTH and 



For complete area weather,  click on the banner  







KDØCI - Ogilvie 147.240 MHz - PL 146.2 Hz 




KEØACL - Duxbury

146.910 MHz - PL 146.2 Hz




NØGOI - Foreston

146.745 MHz - PL 107.2 Hz



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